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Navam Signature


Panki All-time Favourite Traditional Gujarati Snack
Made With Rice Flour

Navam's Special
Patra Samosa

Colocasia Leaves Wrapped With Well-spiced
Stuffing Of Crushed Green Peas And French Beans,

Lilva Ni Kachori

A Traditional Gujarati Farsan Made with Fresh Tuvar

Smoky Cottage cheese

Marinated cottage cheese with smoky taste

Chole Bhatura

A Tempting And Flavourful Dish From Palatable Punjabi Cuisine

Dal Dhokli

All Time Favourite, Traditional Gujarati One Pot Meal
Consisting Of Wheat Dough Dipped In Tangy Toor Dal

Paniyaram Handvo

Mini Paniyaram Handvo Is A Gujarati Delicacy Made
With Fermented Rice And Lentil Batter, Filled
With The Goodness Of Fresh Vegetables,

Can be served jain
Sizzling Paneer

Cottage cheese Cubes served with Navam special sauce with Crackling Corienders on tops

Light Bite Starters

Undhiyu Samosa

An Gujarati Special Undhiyu Stuff In Samosa

Navam's Special
Dahi wada

Homemade Fried Lentil Dumpling Fritters, Dunked
In Creamy Whipped Yogurt And Topped With Both Spicy
And Sweet Chutneys.

Butter Podi idli

Steamed Idlis In A Spicy Ground Lentil Condiment Known As Podi.

Papad Churi

Papad Churi Is A Preparation Of Crushed Papads
Which Are Tossed In Spices And Ghee

Masala Khichiya Papad ( Fried/Roasted)

Crispy Rice Flour Paped Top With Miced Onions, Tomatoes ,
Cucumber Garnished With Sev

Can be served jain
Mini Khowsey Wati

Mumbai Eat Street

Pani Puri

A Dozen Handpicked Ingredients That Go Into Creating
The Most Flavourful Pani Puri In Town. We Dare You To Eat Just One!

Can be served jain
Baby Batata wada

All-Time Mumbai Favourite Street Food

Navam's Special
Mumbai Grill sandwich

A Traditional (club) Sandwich Gets The Veggies And 2 Layers Of Cheese!
The Favourite Sandwich Is Stuffed With Fresh Vegetables, Green Mint Chutney,
Herbs And Amul Butter Which Makes It All Time Classic Grill Sandwich.

Can be served jain
Chilly Cheese Grill sandwich

Yum!! Well Blend Of Amul Cheese With Chopped Capsicum And Onion Stuffed
Into An Super Soft Bread To Deliver You Perfect Taste.

Can be served jain
Dahi Khasta Kachori

Crispy Kachori Stuffed With Yogurt, Chutney And More, Creating
This Deliciously Tangy And Vibrant Snack.

Navam's Special
Can be served jain
Pav Bhaji

Our Pav Bhaji is a delicious blend of mashed vegetables cookedwith aromatic spices, served with 2 warm buttered pavs. Garnished withchopped onions, coriander leaves, and a tangy squeeze of lime, it is a classicIndian food dish that will leave you craving for more.

Health Is Wealth

Avocado Bhakhri

Served On Gluten-free Whole Wheat Bread, Hass Avocado, Pesto,
Roasted Tomatoes, Fresh Basil And Oregano. Lime And Olive Oil.

Navam's Special
Hummus With Healthy Pita

Hummus With Pita Bread Is A Classic Middle Eastern Snack

Fada Ni Khichdi

An Easy, Tasty And More Importantly Healthy Meal Made
With Broken Wheat, Moong Dal, Vegetables And Dry Spices.

Baked Beans on Biscuit Khakhra

A Healthy Biscuit Khakhra Topped With Baked Beans And
Garnished With Red Cabbage With Olive Oil

Navam's Special
Can be served jain
Falafel in Jowar Pita Pocket

Jowar Pita Pockets Filled With Grilled Green Peas Pattice,
Garlic Chutney And Low-cal Coleslaw Salad.

Can be served jain
Rice Khichu

Chokha Nu Khichu Is Made Of Rice Flour And Spices
And Served Hot, Drizzled With A Bit Of Oil, And Topped
With Red Masala Called Methia ..

Can be served jain

International Taste


Thin Crust Pizza Topped Tomato, Basil & Cheese Th


Three Types Of Bel Pepper, Onions, Olive, Corn & Cheese

Can be served jain
Tandoori Paneer Pizza

An Indian Speciality Tandoori Panner With Onions Topped With Three Types Of Cheese.

Can be served jain
Penne Arabiata

Penne Prepared In A Spicy Arrabbiata (tomato Sauce).with Saute Vegetable

Can be served jain
Penne Alfredo

Pasta With Creamy Alfredo (white) Sauce With Saute Vegetables

Navam's Special
French Fries

Classic Salted French Fries Served With Ketchup.

Chilli Garlic Fries

Classic Salted French Fries Toss With Green Chilly And Garlic

Navam's Special
Nachos Overload

Tortial Chips Topped With Veggies , Olives , Jalapenos & Sour Cream
& House Made Melted Cheese & Salsa Sauce.

Navam's Special
Cheese Garlic Bread

A Plain Jane Combination Of Authentic Garlic Spread With Lots
Of Mozzarella Cheese. Simple And Sinful!

Can be served jain

House Made Crisp Tortillas With Creole Spiced Creamy Mexican Beans, Jalapeno & Cheese

Cheesy Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno Poppers Are Filled With A Rich Creamy Cheese Stuffed With Miced Cut Jalapeno
And Fried Until Golden And Bubbly!


Farali Jaman

Kand Patice

Delicious Farali Patties Are Made With Purple Yam Stuff With Crushed Peanuts

Sabudana Wada

Ghee Scented Sago Sauteed With Curry Leaves, Potatoes And Crushed Peanuts.
Served With Cucumber & Peanut Rellish

Sabudana Khichdi

Fasting Food, Good Source Of Energy, Easy To Digest, Rich Source Of Carbohydrates

Rajagira Ni Puri Bateka Nu Shaak

Puffed Bread That Is Made From Rajgira Flour Served With Farali Bateka

Samo With Rajgira kadhi

Gluten-free Vrat Rajgira Kadhi Is A Yogurt-based Curry Specially
Made During Navratri Or Other Fasting Days. Served With Samo

Main Course

Dal Bati Churma

A Rajasthani Classic Of Lentils Served With Wheat Dumplings. Fried And Soaked In Ghee.

Can be served jain
Bhindi Masala with fulka Roti

Bhindi Is Traditional Masala Curry Made With Indian Spices, Herbs And Okra Served With Wheat Flatbread

Can be served jain
Baigan Bharta with Bajri Rotla

Smoky Roasted Brinjal Combined With Green Chillies Cooked In Freshly Ground Home Made Masalas Served With Bajri Rotla

Gatta nu Shaak with Goba Bhakhri

A Classic Rajasthani Combination Of Tiny Chickpea Dumplings, Bathed In A Spicy Yoghurt Gravy And Served
With Hot Seasoned “goba” Flatbreads.

Can be served jain
Kaju Karela Kis Mis with Fulka Roti

Gujarati Dish Made Using Ghee Coated Crunchy Cashews And Jaggery Sweetened Bitter Melon. If You're A Karela Fan, Dont Miss This!

Can be served jain
Methi Thepla with Batata Sabji

Fenugreek Flavored Flatbreads Served With A Sautéed Spicy Potato Dish

Can be served jain
Vagharelo Rotlo

Healthy One Pot Meal Comprising Of Bajre Ka Rotla And Chef's Speical Tadka Which Awakens The Spices

Gujarati Puranpoli with Tikhari Khadi

Sweet Lentil Stuffed Flatbreads Laced With Saffron, Cardamom And Nutmeg Is Offset By The Delicately Spiced Yoghurt Kadhi.

Shrikhand Puri

Saffron Shrikhand (sweetened Yoghurt) Is Balanced By A Savoury, Served With Golden Puris Fresh Out Of The Frying Pan.

Can be served jain
Dum Aloo With Trikoni Paratha

Gujarati dish made using ghee-coated crunchy cashews and jaggery-sweetened bitter melon.
If you're a Karela fan, don't miss this!

Aloo Mutter (Gujarati Style) With Fulka Roti

Delight in the classic combination of Aloo and peas cooked in a rich and flavourful
gravy, creating a comforting and delicious dish.

Taste of Punjab

Chole Bhatura

An Interpretation Of A Classic North Indian Combination Of Whole Chickpeas Fragrant
With Garam Masala And Served With Hot Bhatura

Paneer Bhurji with Laccha Paratha*

Savour the flavours of this scrambled paneer dish, where crumbled
paneer is cooked with onions, tomatoes, and spices, resulting in a flavourful
and protein-rich delight that can be enjoyed with Laccaha Paratha.

Can be served jain
Paneer Tikka Masala with Trikoni Paratha

Meltingly Soft Chunks Of Cottage Cheese Bathed In Spiced Butter Gravy And Served With Flaky Parathas

Can be served jain
Veg Kadai with Laccha Paratha

Indian Gravy Comprising Of A Mixture Of Veggies In Cooked In A Mediums Spicy Yellow Gravy Flavored
With A Special Kadai Masala Served With Laccha Parathas

Can be served jain
Malai Kofta with Laccha Paratha

Batter Fried Dumpling With Dryfruit In A Creamy Sauce

Can be served jain
Paneer Makhani Biryani with Raita

An Irresistible And Aromatic Dish Prepared By Chefs "navam Specials".

Can be served jain
Dal Makhani with jeera Rice

Silky,rich N Creamy Slow Cooked Black Lentils With Mellow Smoothness A Navam Signature Dish Served With Jeera Rice

Can be served jain
Methi Malia Mutter with Lachha Paratha

An exclusive combo of tender green peas and cottage cheese.

Rajwadi Dum Aloo With Trikoni Paratha

indulge in the flavours with this dish that features baby potatoes cooked in a rich and
white aromatic cashew gravy, infused with Kashmiri spices, creating a creamy and flavourful delight.

Can be served jain

Rice Khichdi etc.

Vaghareli Masala Khichdi with guju Kadhi

Split Yellow Lentils And Rice Simmered With Peppercorns And Cloves. Served
With A Generous Dollop Of Homemade Ghee Complemented With Delicately Spiced Yoghurt Kadhi

Moogdal KhIchdi with Kadhi

Light, Comforting Dish Made With Rice And Moong Lentils. Served With Your Choice Of Gujarati Or Marwadi Kadhi

Steam Rice with Gujarati Dal

The Evergreen Combination Of Steamed Basmati Rice Served With Lightly Tempered Gujarati Style Lentils.

Can be served jain
Dal Khichdi

A Delicious And Comforting Healthy Meal, Made From Rice And Pulse Cooked With Non Spicy.

Veg Pulav with Gujarati Kadhi

Seasoned Vegetable And Basmati Rice Cooked Together With Indian Herbs. | Served With Raita | And Gujarati Kadhi.


Plain Chaas

Your Meal Is Not Complete Without Chhas!

Masala Chaas

Your Meal Is Not Complete Without Chhas!

Sweet Lassi

Sweetend, Creamy Yoghurt Drink.

Masala Tea

Our Traditional Masala Chai With Abundance Of Strong Indian Spices And Flavourful Handpicked Teas.


The Richness Of Nescafe Coffee

Soft Drinks

Coca cola / Thums up / Sprite / Mirinda

Mineral Water
Litchi Berry Refresher
Aam Panna


Fresh Coconut Water

Original Nariyal Paani

Black Lemonade

Black Lemonade Mix,charcoal Lemonade,ice Cubes

Peach Ice Tea

A Hint Of Peach With Our Impeccably Brewed Iced Chai. An Excellent Thirst Quencher.

Lemon Ice Tea

Refreshing Beverage Prepared Fresh Topped With Ice Cubes

Cold Coffee

Rich Creamy Cold Coffee


Guava Ice cream
Sizzling Brownie With Vanilla Ice Cream
Black Current Ice- Cream
American Nut Ice-Cream
Vanilla Ice-Cream